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Black Box TOSLINK to Mini Plug Patch Cable, 1m

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  • 32991654
  • EFJ02-001M
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  • Digital audio cable (optical)
  • TOSLINK connector(s)
  • Fiber optic
  • 3.30ft
You've just purchased the best digital electronics available. Maybe it's a DVD, CD, or laser-disc player. Perhaps it's a digital amplifier. Or even a DSS satellite receiver. Before you plug in that player, amplifier, or receiver, think. If you want the best possible digital sound, you need performance cabling. Black Box Digital Optical Audio Cables give you the sound quality worthy of that equipment. These cables transfer information accurately over short distances via digital light signals with low loss and no distortion.

Digital audio output can bypass a device's built-in digital- to-analog converter with these cables for external conversion with better signal integrity. These digital optical cables with plastic-core construction are less expensive than fiber optic cable with a glass core, but they still provide all the benefits of optical transmission over short distances. Use the Digital Optical Audio Cables with a variety of digital electronic devices: Mini Disc, DAT (digital audio tape), CD, DVD, laser disc, and pro-audio players; digital amplifiers; satellite receivers; and computer sound cards. These cables can also interface digital recording devices to a computer sound card (digital TTL in/output). Choose TOSLINK-to-TOSLINK, TOSLINK-to-3.5-mm Mini Plug, or 3.5-mm Mini Plug-to-3.5-mm Mini Plug Patch Cables.