Black Box Component Video Extender Kit

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Extending Component video can be tricky. If you want to avoid long Component cable runs, you can use baluns, but if not chosen carefully and passive in design, they may not give you the crystal-clear image you expect. You might, for instance, get ghosting when trying to transmit high-definition video with passive baluns.

Worse yet, many baluns provide no common mode rejections at lower frequencies, so they’re prone to outside interference, the type that causes annoying video hum and distortion. And along with picking up noise in the transmitting environment, they‘re subject to facility grounding issues.

Avoid such issues by using extenders designed specifically to push Component video signals over longer distances. Order this sophisticated extension kit from Black Box. It contains all that you need to boost and extend standard or HDTV Component video signals over ordinary CAT5e or CAT6 cable—without any image distortion worries.

The Component Video Extender Kit features group loop isolation (GLI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) immunity, which prevents video hum and distortion. What’s more, the transmitter and receiver units operate as active devices and match the impedance of the UTP cable perfectly at all frequencies, so there’s no image ghosting either.

The kit’s transmitter and receiver offer easy set up. Just run the included Component cable between the transmitter and your video source (such as a DVD player or satellite receiver) and plug in a straight-through UTP or STP cable that leads to the receiver. At the remote end, you then connect the receiver unit to your display device (LCD TV or projector) with the kit’s other Component cable. Then, lastly, plug in the power adapter. The same adapter powers both transmitter and receiver, and it can be conveniently plugged in at either end.

You can also order the kit’s extender components separately, as individual transmitter (AC652A) and receiver (AC653A) units. Multiple receivers can also be used with our 8-Port Component/VGA Video Splitter (AC652A), which has eight RJ-45 outputs for extending to eight separate receiver locations.