Autodesk Corp. Alias AutoStudio 2019 Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription

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Industrial design and Class-A surfacing software
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  • Enhance design reviews
  • Create parametric-driven surfaces
  • Quickly generate complex repeatable patterns
Alias industrial design software supports concept communication, design modeling, technical surfacing, reverse engineering, real-time design visualization, and engineering development collaboration. Enhance design reviews with Alias virtual reality. Collaborate and explore your design to scale using an HMD in VR.

Sketches from Photoshop can be linked to Alias. Any changes to sketches are dynamically updated in Alias. Create parametric-driven surfaces in Alias with Dynamo integration. Quickly generate complex repeatable patterns and enable rapid design iterations and exploration. A new Marking Menu editor allows easier customization of Marking Menus with a new selection of styles.