Arcserve Corp. OLP ARCserve D2D 16.5 Linux Server Standard Edition w 1-year Enterprise Maintenance

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With ARCserve D2D's patent pending Infinite Incremental technology, the data administrator need only perform a full backup once. Thereafter, Arcserve D2D stores incremental backups that, on demand, automatically turn into a full backups based on whatever date and time you specify. By contrast, Backup Exec System Recovery requires you to overtly delete older recovery points sets (i.e. a full backup plus incremental) to make room for new data backups. This chart contrasts the time that Arcserve D2D and Backup Exec System Recovery each took, on average, to do system copy/ restore operations over a simulated one month time period. With Synthetic Full Backup at the file level and Infinite Incrementals at the block level, Arcserve D2D was nearly 70% faster than Symantec, with ARCserve D2D needing only 14.8 minutes for a system copy but Backup Exec System Recovery requiring a full 25 minutes. Less wait time for a data recovery operation gets your organization back to work quickly.