APC Scheduled Assembly Service for Symmetra PX 40 kW UPS and or PDU

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Ordering Information
This service provides an APC Factory Trained Installer to properly unpack, inspect, position and assemble all components of an InfraStruXure Solution in preparation of final input wiring and system Start Up. Labor and travel expenses are included.

This service does not include electrical or mechanical installation, nor does it include Start Up or Commissioning services.

The APC Factory Trained Installer will unpack and perform a visual inspection of all components to ensure that all equipment required on the CTO report has been received and is undamaged, then will position the equipment within the installation site and install APC components only in rack or frame. Customers requiring migration or installation of non-APC components must purchase Network Integration Services.

In addition, APC personnel will remove all packing materials to the customers' disposal area or container. APC will not arrange for an additional trash pick up from the customer's vendor nor will APC arrange trash removal from an outside company.