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Explore new paths with the essential vector tool.
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  • Design with type in a powerful new way - characters can now be manipulated like individual objects
  • Paint with a brush made from a photo - Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes can contain raster images, so you can create complex organic designs quickly
  • Import multiple files into your Illustrator layout at the same time and with new control
Create vector art and illustrations using advanced, precise drawing and typography tools. Work quickly and intuitively on everything from brand identities and marketing materials to graphics for web, video, and film. Illustrator CC is the industry-standard vector graphics software used worldwide by designers of all types, and it’s available only in Creative Cloud.

What’s New:

Quickly make basic forms into editable shapes with the new Live Rectangles feature. Create freehand paths with beautiful curves using the rebuilt Pencil tool. And continually edit the corners of shapes and paths with precise control with Live Corners. The 2014 release of Illustrator CC makes creating and editing vector graphics easier than ever.

With Illustrator CC, you always have access to new features as soon as they’re released!