Adobe Corp. TLP PageMaker 7.0.2 Win 1Pk 500 Pts Lvl 1

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Get started quickly with templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools using Adobe PageMaker 7.0. Work productively across Adobe applications and easily leverage existing content to create customized communications.


Professionally designed templates - choose from hundreds of templates for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users to lay out your business documents.

Merge text and graphics stored originally in spreadsheets or databases to create custom publications, including form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, catalogues, or direct mail campaigns.

Create and view Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files - add document information, change security and compatibility options, embed tags for accessibility, and modify advanced Acrobat Distiller settings - all from within PageMaker.

Easily place Adobe PDF files created with Adobe Photoshop 5.0-6.0 or Adobe Illustrator 10..0 directly into PageMaker publications.

Save time by importing native Photoshop and Illustrator files - you can drag and drop the native file or use the Place dialog box.

Use a converter utility to open Quark XPress 3.3-4.1 publications directly in PageMaker - use the same utility to open Microsoft Publisher 95-2000 in PageMaker (Windows only). Import and export text and graphics to and from Microsoft Office applications. Import and export text and graphics to and from key business applications such as Microsoft Word.