Adesso Easy Cat 2-Button USB Glidepoint Touchpad

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Your days of monotonously clicking a mouse are over - now all you have to do is point with this touchpad's Glidepoint Technology. Controlling your PC has never been easier. Simply glide your finger over the surface of the pad and gently tap on the pad or click the buttons to perform all cursor movement functions. The touchpad's solid-state design means there are no inconvenient breakdowns and no moving parts to clean.

Place your finger down on the right edge of the touchpad and glide up or down. Right click by tapping your finger in the upper right corner of the touchpad - left click by tapping anywhere else on the pad's surface. The right tap area is marked with a change of color and texture.

Stop running off the edge of your mouse pad - edge extenders hold your place on-screen when your finger reaches the touchpad's edge. Clicks can be activated both on the touchpad surface and on the lower button set, which features two mechanical buttons. Drag, draw, and highlight functions can be activated by double-tapping and holding your finger on the pad or by holding the left click button as your finger glides. A 6-foot USB cable provides plenty of slack for comfortable positioning within your workspace.