Acronis Corp. Universal Deploy 4 for Server w AAP ESD 1-9U

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Although standard-configuration images are easy to deploy to identical hardware, things are typically more complex when trying to deploy to different hardware. For example, the systems may fail to boot because the critical Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and mass-storage device drivers are missing. And while Microsoft SysPrep technology allows you to import Plug-and-Play drivers, such as sound, video, and network drivers, it doesn't let you import the drivers required to boot the machine.

However, thanks to Acronis Universal Deploy, deploying to different hardware is simple!

It offers you an efficient solution for hardware-independent system deployment by allowing you to install the crucial HAL and mass-storage device drivers into an image. With this feature, you can automatically or manually select the HAL and mass-storage device drivers to fit the target hardware. So the newly deployed systems with different hardware are deployed properly.