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  • Secure endpoints throughout their lifecycle
  • Set alerts to be notified about possible threats
  • Take action to quickly identify and remediate endpoint security incidents
Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), formerly Computrace, helps you identify potential security threats and respond rapidly before they become damaging security incidents. We are all just one mistake away from a crisis. If a device goes missing today, organizations are exposed to fines, audits, penalties, civil and class-action lawsuits, and reputational damage. But if you can prove that the data on an endpoint was encrypted at the time of a security incident, or that data was securely deleted before it was accessed by an unauthorized user, a breach notification may not be required.

Absolute DDS provides a full complement of features and remote capabilities so that you can control and secure corporate data and devices, maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders, and protect your organization from financial penalties and reputational
damage. Absolute DDS also includes the support of the Absolute Investigations team. Our experts can recover stolen devices for forensic analysis, help you determine the cause of a breach, and provide guidance so you can refine endpoints security best practices.

Absolute DDS Professional Edition includes the following features:

-Reporting and Analytics: Collect incredibly accurate information from each device, including historical data. Determine what’s installed on a device. Identify events and activities that could be precursors to a security incident including changes to IP address, location, and user; non-compliant software/ hardware installations; and many more. Receive a notification if these activities occur.

-Risk Assessment: Identify risk conditions and receive a notification if these conditions occur. Key security data integrates automatically with SIEM solutions. Validate the status of complementary security applications such as encryption, anti-malware, and SCCM. Use these reports to prove to auditors that security measures were properly implemented and in place at the time of a security incident.

-Risk Response: Remotely recover or delete data. Set policies to ensure offline devices are automatically protected. Freeze a device and communicate with the user to verify status. Produce an audit log to prove data on a compromised device was properly secured, not accessed, and safely deleted. Use certified data delete workflows to decommission a device.

-Geotechnology: Track assets on a Google Map, including recent and historical locations. Create geofences based on corporate policies. Investigate devices that are out of bounds or entering an unauthorized location.