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Workplace Transformation

Modern Device Management

Infrastructure That Provides Modern Experiences for Modern Workers

Your organization’s end users need their devices to accomplish a wide variety of critical and sensitive tasks. And these days, end users have strong preferences for the devices and interfaces that they use. Delivering the experience end users need while supporting the devices they want is a challenge for all organizations—a challenge that requires a modern solution.

Modern Device Management gives organizations an answer to the question of how to manage all the devices and maintain the security of all of the tools and processes that these devices need to access. Connection’s Modern Device Management Service helps your organization improve security and service delivery while ensuring that all devices being used for work comply with corporate rules and policies.

Connection’s Modern Device Management Infrastructure Services are designed to help organizations:

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The Right Device Management Infrastructure for You

The Right Device Management Infrastructure for You

Modern device management isn’t just a simple technology deployment: it’s a major paradigm shift. This means that there are a lot of considerations going into the process:
  • How do employees want to access company data, tools, and processes with mobile devices?
  • How will workers expect to receive IT services and hardware?
  • Do your device management tools need to be redesigned?
  • How will you provide low friction end-user access without sacrificing security?

Determining the answers to these questions doesn’t have to be a long and convoluted process. Connection accelerates your mobile management transformation by bringing our experience and track record to bear on the needs of your business.

Connection’s Modern Device Management Services are specific to infrastructure enhancements and do not include ongoing technical support services for your organization’s mobile devices.

Modern Device Management Infrastructure Services

Identity Management

Identity Management

Make sure your organization’s employees always have access to the technology they need with Identity Management. Connection helps you get started with the technology to establish user based policies and security profiles.
Workload Balancing

Workload Balancing

Optimize your resources, maximize throughput, and minimize response time without overloading your servers with Workload Balancing. Connection helps you manage the load of your new MDM strategy according to your existing or planned resources.
Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Ensure your new modern device management systems enforce your corporate policies with Corporate Compliance. Connection helps you apply corporate rules and policies to your out-of-the-box technologies and devices.
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