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Network Assessments

Networking and Collaboration Services

Is Your Network Up to Speed?

Get a clear picture of Your Network Infrastructure

If your organization is looking to upgrade or expand your network, the first step is to understand the capabilities and shortcomings of your existing network. We can help. Our Network Assessment identifies equipment that needs to be upgraded, and reviews performance issues such as bottlenecks. If network issues are discovered, we can provide a remediation plan to fix the problem and optimize your network performance.

The Ultimate Arena Experience

When TD Garden—home to Boston’s legendary hockey and basketball teams—wanted to deliver Wi-Fi connectivity to tens of thousands of sports fans and concert goers, they needed a wireless network capable of delivering championship-caliber performance. Watch our video to discover how Connection helped TD Garden design one of the most innovative stadium Wi-Fi solutions in the industry.
Get Optimized with a Network Assessment
Connection’s Network Assessment gives you a clear view of you network.
Tales from the Trenches
Join Connection’s Tim Allen, Director of the Networking and Collaboration Team, along with Agui Lozano, CCIE in routing and switching and a Systems Engineer, as they share their experiences on Cisco ISE, the WAN, firewall deployments, network upgrades, and more.
Connected Community
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