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Network Transformation

Network Transformation Services

Build Fast, Secure Networks

Your network makes your business possible. And with the rapid evolution of applications, cloud computing, and IoT, the performance demanded from your network has never been higher. That’s why 44 percent1 of enterprise IT professionals cited network upgrades as their top priority.

Addressing these increasing demands on your network bandwidth, agility, and speed can be overwhelming, expensive, and fraught with concerns over security. Connection’s team of experts will help you gain a holistic view of your network so you can confidently move forward with improvements.

Connection’s Network Transformation Services include a range of options to give you a reliable, agile, and secure network, no matter your industry or existing network maturity.

These include services designed to:

  • Build high-efficiency networks in a range of environments, from a stand-alone site to complex, multi-location, hybrid architectures.
  • Improve speeds by remedying existing network inefficiencies, from bottlenecks to legacy hardware to human error.
  • Facilitate seamless, high-speed data handling.
  • Provide built-in, end-to-end security against internal and external threats.
  • Ensure maximum availability and continuity for users.
  • Speed up development and deployment of applications.
Customized Network Services

Customized Network Services

Connection’s breadth of offerings means that whether you need a targeted solution for a specific pain point, a comprehensive solution for a complex problem, or recommendations for a roadmap, we can help. We work with multiple vendors for each solution, so you can feel confident we’re offering a tailored solution rather than a one-size approach. From SMBs to enterprise organizations, federal to healthcare, we can tailor these services to fit your organization and your industry.

Expert Guidance from Network Specialists

Connection’s network specialists have spent decades focused on understanding the networking needs of organizations.

Network Transformation Services

Assess and Design
Whether you’re planning a new network or looking to improve existing infrastructure, Connection can help. Get visibility into your wired or wireless networks, voice and video, or IoT landscape, challenges, and opportunities with help from Connection’s network specialists.
Ready to build a flexible, reliable network? Connection provides infrastructure deployment for a variety of landscapes. From on-premises to hybrid/cloud, we will work with your IT staff to ensure your networks are seamlessly integrated and provide the speed and security you need.
If you’re struggling to scale your processes, monitor performance and SLAs, and keep up with demands for faster service delivery, it may be time to upgrade your network. Alleviate the burden on your IT staff while lowering costs, increasing speeds, and improving continuity all while gaining higher network visibility with Connection’s optimization services.
Manage and Protect
Is your IT staff struggling to keep up with the day-to-day while proactively preventing outages and adverse security events? Connection can lighten the load with a range of managed service and security offerings so your IT staff can focus on core business needs.

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