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Get Strategic about Print with Managed Print Services

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Your printer fleet is an important part of your business, and yet it may not be receiving the attention needed to turn it into a true competitive advantage. An industry shift is underway that’s driving IT and business leaders to explore the possibilities behind managed print services (MPS) programs.

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Managed Print Services in a Nutshell

For many businesses, thinking about printers immediately brings worst case scenarios to mind. How often have you tried to print a document, only to find your designated printer disassembled and in the middle of a service call? Or perhaps you’ve tried to print a critical full-color creative piece just in time for a key client meeting, only to realize you’re low on a specific color of ink? Managed print services offer organizations a solution to make printing mishaps a thing of the past.

Then there are the situations that often times go unseen—like how much time is your IT team spending on managing printers? Or how many people on your staff are involved with keeping your printers running smoothly? What is the real total-cost-of-ownership?
MANAGED PRINT SERVICES: Make MPS a Part of Your IT Strategy
Managed print services programs combine all aspects of managing your printers and multi-function devices—such as printer, scanner, and copier combination devices—under a single contract. An MPS program integrates hardware contracts, servicing agreements, supply management, and usage reporting into one program. Typically, an MPS program begins with an evaluation to assess your organization’s unique needs. From there, hardware is selected to meet your needs and a strategy created to send you supplies as you use them, so you never run out. In addition, an MPS partner can help you scale up or down as your needs change, provide reporting on usage for internal monitoring, and help provide the business expertise needed to solve specific printing challenges your organization faces.

Lower Costs, Less Consumption

Logistics companies rely heavily on printing, and a managed print services contract can help streamline that critical business service. When LSG Sky Chefs wanted to lower their printing costs through strategic standardization and reduce their environmental impact, they partnered with HP for a managed print services contract. Through implementing an MPS solution, LSG Sky Chefs captured several benefits. They reduced the demand on their IT team through a full-service solution that includes online reporting, a monitoring system, and the automated delivery of materials such as ink. The company has improved their output by 40% after implementing an HP MPS solution, along with internal process improvements. And, in line with their environmental goals, the company reduced their paper consumption by 15%.

The Benefits Are Numerous

Printer management often happens on an as needed basis. Organizations purchase or lease a device that’s not perfectly tailored to their needs. The IT department oversees maintenance or service, in addition to their other responsibilities. Office management, the purchasing team, or an administrative assistant is in charge of print access or purchasing supplies. Because there’s no central point of contact, it’s difficult to know who to approach when there’s a problem or who can take the lead on choosing printing solutions. How much is it really costing your company? Read More …

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