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Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation: Migration and Consolidation

Control Costs and Gain Efficiency

The increased use of cloud services, the growing importance of hybrid cloud initiatives, and the need to aggressively manage your IT spend at all times all result in a focus on data center usage and efficiency. Fortunately, data storage and management technology has matured. Organizations now have unprecedented options to meet their business requirements while controlling costs. But the steps needed to get from your current state to efficient data management can easily overwhelm your IT staff and raise concerns about outages and disruptions.

Connection can help. Whether you need to migrate a physical data center location, limit the number of data centers you currently own, or are having issues managing unstructured data, Connection has services to ensure you get the most from your on-premise computing and storage spend.

Connection’s Data Center Migration and Consolidation Services will help your organization:

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Right-Fit Data Center Services

Right-Fit Data Center Services

Connection understands the evolving data center ecosystem, because we’ve been facilitating data center projects for more than 37 years. Over that time, we’ve built a broad partner ecosystem. From industry veterans to leading hyper-converged platforms and born-in-the-cloud newcomers, we have the resources to deliver the right services for each engagement.

Our loyalty is to your business, and we are committed to working with you to find the vendors that best fit your needs. Our engineers hold advanced certifications from our wide range of vendor partners and have the expertise to help you choose the best data center services for your unique organizational requirements. Our partnerships include Cisco, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NaviSite, and VMware.

Expert Data Management

The organizational benefits of data migration and consolidation are considerable, including reduced opex, environmental footprint, and improved scalability, performance, and agility. The risks are also considerable. Without careful planning and expertise you can find yourself facing issues including data corruption, costly outages, and time-consuming work resetting file and user permissions. Connection’s experienced team can help you realize the benefits with confidence, knowing your data is in good hands.

Like all of Connection’s services, Data Center Migration and Consolidation Services are customized to meet your exact needs. Our experts will work with you to determine the services that will help you reach today’s goals and be prepared for the future. From SMBs to enterprise organizations, federal and higher ed to healthcare, we can tailor these services to fit your organization and your industry.
Expert Data Management

Connection’s Data Center Migration and Consolidation Services



Organizational changes, increased business demands, and infrastructure upgrades have a big impact on your data center. Connection is here to ensure your data center supports your strategic needs. We can manage the complexities of a physical move with a data center migration, work with you to develop the infrastructure needed for cloud repatriation, or support streamlining of operations with data center consolidation.


Connection knows how crucial your data is to your organization. The same needs for security and performance that can drive data migration projects can cause concerns about undertaking those projects. Connection’s methodology is focused on getting data moved safely while maintaining user permissions and availability. Whether you’re looking to move a cloud or non-cloud block to files or off of a legacy or unsupported platform, we will get your data to the desired end state uncorrupted, ready to use, and with the right user authorizations.


If you’re running on an end of support (EOS) or end of life (EOL) operating system, you’re opening your organization to security and compliance risks. Connection can help you move workloads from one physical environment to another or convert workloads to different formats with confidence. Beyond this, we can help with virtual machine migration or workload conversion, including physical-to-virtual server migrations or movement between virtual environments, such as Hyper-V, Acropolis, and VMware vSphere. Our systematic approach begins with a detailed assessment report that determines the appropriate upgrade or migration process for each application in use so you have a full understanding of your environment. We will provide thorough documentation, including migration, rollback, and validation plans. Finally, we will work with you to understand critical dependencies that exist across your IT infrastructure to minimize any potential disruption to end users.
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