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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing

Find Vulnerabilities Before the Breach

As an organization grows, it’s not always easy for the IT department to monitor potential vulnerabilities, let alone discover new and emerging threats.

Research from Willis Towers Watson shows that 90 percent of all cyber breaches stemmed from some type of human error or behavior1. And with hackers attempting an attack every 39 seconds2, organizations shouldn’t put off security and vulnerability assessments.
Connection’s Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing services help organizations identify and document security flaws, from individual devices to organization-wide security policies. With experience in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, and government, Connection is ready to assess risk in even the most highly-attacked industries.

These services are designed to help organizations:

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Cybersecurity Specialists with Decades of Field Experience

Cybersecurity Specialists with Decades of Field Experience

Connection’s cybersecurity specialists have spent years protecting organizations’ data availability and privacy across a range of industries. Each specialist arrives to your organization equipped with the skills and certifications to make each project a success. Connection’s cybersecurity specialists work as trusted advisors with our clients, creating custom solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.

With Connection’s Security Assessment and Testing Services, organizations will receive expert guidance for protecting their most critical assets and data from threats.
Research from Willis Towers Watson shows that 90 percent of all cyber breaches stemmed from some type of human error or behavior. And with hackers attempting an attack every 39 seconds, your organization shouldn’t put off security and vulnerability assessments.

Right-fit Security Infrastructure, at the Right Time

Taking care of an organization’s cybersecurity assessments before a data breach means the IT team has time to plan and execute infrastructure adjustments that best align with organizational goals. Don’t wait until a breach happens to update your infrastructure—doing so leads to an end result that is expensive and hard to scale.

Like all of Connection’s services, the Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing solutions are offered à-la-carte. Choose the scope of the service you need today and rest assured that Connection has the expertise to execute on additional projects as your IT operations evolve.
Right-fit Security Infrastructure, at the Right Time

Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing Services

Internal and External Penetration Testing

Internal and External Penetration Testing

Test your network security with Connection’s Internal and External Penetration Testing. Connection performs black hat and grey hat-style testing as part of the standard service.
Security Landscape Optimization

Security Landscape Optimization

Get a security review of key technology and process areas, cybersecurity consulting support, and a prioritized security risk reduction roadmap.
IoT / IoMT Security Assessment

IoT / IoMT Security Assessment

Learn more about what devices are connected to your network and what vulnerabilities are associated with them. This assessment includes an analysis of packet traffic to discover potential malicious communication.
Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Discover whether the devices on your external or internal network have known security weaknesses or flaws that make them easily exploitable. With the Vulnerability Scanning solution, Connection helps you manage your organization’s critical risks. This solution includes an assessment of system configurations. This solution is also ideal for organizations that need to remain PCI compliant.
Security Health Check

Security Health Check

This flexible service typically includes internal and external penetration testing, firewall switch and router configuration analysis, Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange security analysis, specific application security analysis, wireless security testing, social engineering testing (including phishing and vishing), and policy review. Connection customizes this service to examine your organization’s existing tools, systems, and policies for vulnerabilities, flaws, and potential exploits. This service does not include secure code analysis or deepdive application security testing to find application-based attack techniques.
Data Security Assessment

Data Security Assessment

Make sure your data security execution aligns with your organizational policies with Connection’s Data Security Assessment. Connection first assesses your organization’s current data security management strategy. Connection then uses data loss prevention technology to scan and identify data issues on the network and at the edge. Connection then helps you create a strategy on how to best handle and execute data security, considering your existing policies, your operational goals, and your SLAs or regulatory constraints. This service is ideal for organizations with comprehensive unstructured data.
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