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Your Partner in Health IT

Today, healthcare organizations face increasing pressure to be more productive and more efficient than ever before. When you are presented with opportunities and challenges, it’s important to have a reliable partner at your side. Connection provides customer-centric IT solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare community.
Government-Owned and Academic Hospitals
Delivering exceptional care while balancing the unique demands of your mission can be challenging. Let us ease your load. We’ll show you how to leverage IT as a resource that helps you simplify and save.
Small to Medium Acute or Ambulatory Facilities
The patient experience comes first. We understand your priorities—and your challenges. Let our experts provide the products and services your small- to medium-sized healthcare facility needs to deliver outstanding patient care.
Large Acute Care Centers and IDNs
Your healthcare organization needs to increase efficiency while delivering the highest levels of care. We can optimize your IT with solutions and services designed for the specific needs of large healthcare organizations and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).


Healthcare Solutions and Services

Caregiver Collaboration

Efficient and effective communication has a profound effect on the quality and safety of patient care. Deploy informative digital signage or telemedicine solutions to connect with your patients. Learn More
Caregiver Collaboration

Infrastructure and Software

We can help you architect, manage, and secure your health IT infrastructure and accommodate data growth. Learn More
Infrastructure and Software

Mobility and Point of Care

Address workflow, device selection, security, and network availability to ensure IT success throughout your facility and at the point of care. Learn More
Point of Care

Privacy and Security

Failure to protect confidential patient data, IT infrastructure, and users from security breaches is one of the most expensive risks faced by healthcare providers today. Implement the right solutions to address your critical risks and protect your organization. Learn More
Privacy and Security

Healthcare Technology Insights

Explore our comprehensive repository of healthcare articles, webinars, case studies, podcasts, expert features, and solution videos to support your organization’s initiatives.
Dell Healthcare

Provide the Best Possible Care with HP Technology

HP healthcare solutions enable providers and empower patients with more intuitive solutions to deliver better care.
Optimize individual and team productivity with HP purpose-built healthcare solutions designed with input from healthcare professionals. HP adapts computing, printing, and imaging solutions to meet specific healthcare requirements and operate seamlessly in acute care, ambulatory, and field environments.
Healthcare Solutions - HP, Intel, and Microsoft

The Ideal Choice for Healthcare Scanning

Manufactured by an industry leader in projectors, printers, and robots, Epson scanners offer premium performance and dependability—all at a great value. 

  • Premium performance—Fast, robust and dependable, with a wide range of options
  • Seamless integration—TWAIN and ISIS drivers for compatibility with EHR software including Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, Meditech, and eClinicalWorks
  • Peace of mind—3-year limited warranty with Advance Exchange and free Next-Business-Day Replacement
Epson Scanners

The Digital Hospital

Embrace the Digital Transformation of Healthcare—From Hospital to Home

No healthcare organization is immune to the high-performance demands of next-generation digital tools and applications, or the patients and caregivers that rely on them. Does your organization have the necessary solutions to create a more proficient, agile digital organization?
Digital Hospital

Addressing HIPAA Compliance Requirements in the Cloud

Runaway data growth is a major concern for many IT organizations—and how that data is protected is extremely important. Though organizations of all types want to utilize the power of the cloud for its resiliency and flexibility, when it comes to healthcare, there has been some hesitancy to adopt cloud.
Learn how organizations are addressing cloud usage for healthcare and discover key considerations, including HIPAA compliance requirements.
Microsoft Office 365

Increase Productivity and Enhance Security with VDI

Healthcare is changing quickly. These days, clinicians and staff are pressed to increase productivity and do more with less, all while maintaining compliance. Find out how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may help them achieve their goals.
Increase Productivity and Enhance Security with VDI