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Optimize Patient Care with the Right Healthcare Technology

Improve efficiency, information sharing, and data security with innovative healthcare technology products and services.

Infection Control Marketplace

Explore health IT solutions to aid in the fight against infection.
Search by product category and refine by feature, from antimicrobial coating to acceptable cleaning solvents and more.

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Your Blueprint for Telemedicine

Discover how Connection can help you to optimize patient care with our telemedicine solutions to connect you to patients, providers, and remote locations.
Telemedicine Solutions

Your Partner in Health IT

As a healthcare provider, you face increasing pressure to be more productive and more efficient than ever before—all while maintaining exceptional levels of patient care and information security. The experts at Connection understand the unique challenges of your healthcare environment. We’ll work side by side with you to design, deploy, and support technology solutions that drive innovation, so you can focus on what you do best—helping others.
Government-Owned and Academic Hospitals
Delivering exceptional care while balancing the unique demands of your mission can be challenging. Let us ease your load. We’ll show you how to leverage IT as a resource that helps you simplify and save.
Small to Medium Acute or Ambulatory Facilities
The patient experience comes first. We understand your priorities—and your challenges. Let our experts provide the products and services your small- to medium-sized healthcare facility needs to deliver outstanding patient care.
Large Acute Care Centers and IDNs
Your healthcare organization needs to increase efficiency while delivering the highest levels of care. We can optimize your IT with solutions and services designed for the specific needs of large healthcare organizations and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

Healthcare Solutions and Services

Caregiver Collaboration

Efficient and effective communication has a profound effect on the quality and safety of patient care. Deploy informative digital signage or telemedicine solutions to connect with your patients. Learn More
Digital Signage

Infrastructure and Software

We can help you architect, manage, and secure your health IT infrastructure and accommodate data growth. Learn More
Infrastructure and Software

Clinical Mobility and Patient Engagement

Address workflow, device selection, security, and network availability to ensure IT success throughout your facility and at the point of care. Learn More
Point of Care

Privacy and Security

Failure to protect confidential patient data, IT infrastructure, and users from security breaches is one of the most expensive risks faced by healthcare providers today. Implement the right solutions to address your critical risks and protect your organization. Learn More
Privacy and Security
Revolutionize Your Clinical Communication

Revolutionize Your Clinical Communication

Effective and efficient communication is crucial in healthcare, and finding the right communications and collaboration tool is key. The ideal solution begins with an experience that fosters teamwork, helps prevent errors, and improves patient care.
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Is Your Security Infrastructure Too Complex and Expensive?

With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, organizations face cyber attacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication every day. Healthcare continues to be the key target of breaches, with 359 incidents involving 500 or more healthcare records reported in 2017—the highest number since the Department of Health and Human Services started publishing figures.* Connection’s Security Landscape Optimization (SLO) process can help you understand and quantify the threats facing your acute care or long-term care organization.


Devote Your Time to Providing Exceptional Care

As a member of the Long-Term and Post Acute Care (LTPAC) community, you know the crucial role that technology can play in ensuring the needs of your residents and clinicians are met. An experienced partner with in-depth healthcare knowledge can help you select affordable technology that securely enables communication and drives efficiencies in accordance with best practices.
Dell Healthcare

Healthcare in the Modern Era

Dell Precision Workstations help healthcare professionals make better decisions at the point of care with clinical intelligence technology.
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Trending Topics and Resources

Bridge the Gap Between Patients and Care

Discover how Lenovo and Connection help health organizations realize the benefits of telehealth.
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Drive Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Read more about how mobility is revolutionizing every aspect of healthcare.
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Flirting with Disaster

Learn more about business continuity and data protection in today’s healthcare world.
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Searching for Security

Discover the importance of planning and maintenance for long-term HIPAA compliance.
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The Role of Technology Inside Today’s Smart Hospital

Today’s smart hospital needs to operate efficiently, safely, and securely. From printers to monitors and beyond, Connection and HP solutions make that possible. Trust HP and Connection to help optimize your patient care with the right healthcare technology.

You Are the Heart of Healthcare

Every life is vital. That’s why Connection, Lenovo, and Microsoft are partnered to help provide your healthcare organization with better access to data—and better access to results.

Transformation Through Innovation

Start the transformation of your healthcare organization today. We offer the latest in healthcare technology to help you revolutionize the future of patient care.

One Communications Solution

PatientSafe Solutions makes communication better for physicians, clinicians, and IT Teams. Learn how PatientTouch delivers relevant, real-time patient and clinical information in messages so you can be confident that your teams are providing safe, quality care to patients.

The New Data Center Is Everywhere

APTARE IT Analytics offers unmatched and comprehensive IT analytics to deliver actionable insights for healthcare data, wherever it resides.

Google Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions

Google Chrome Enterprise provides security in the cloud, so you can work smarter and stay safe. With future-proof technology, Google makes work easier and more meaningful for everyone. Eliminate hassles, reduce costs, and focus on delivering what matters most—enhanced patient care.

There’s Nothing Quite Like iPhone

Connection is an authorized reseller for iPhone in healthcare. Find out how our packaged services and solutions can help you improve patient care and experiences.

Healthcare Technology Insights

Discover the latest trending topics and technology resources that matter in healthcare today.