Companies are faced with more challenges than ever to stay competitive, innovative and secure (just to name a few), many of which are challenges technology can solve. Our goal is to help bridge the two so our clients can run, grow and transform how they do business with technology solutions. We do this with our people and our processes.

Our People: Clients work with expert consultants to help assess, design, implement and measure projects. We also leverage our partnerships with technology providers to build out each project with the right technology at the most ideal pricing.

Our Processes: We remove the complexities and costs of owning products and warehouses, and instead open the entire supply chain to our clients within our proprietary eProcurement platform, MarkITplace®, so they can see everything available vs. what’s in a warehouse, and purchase based on what matters the most: pricing, availability and/or shipping location. Plus, the platform provides a personalized experience with anytime, anywhere access to shop, order, approve and track technology, manage assets and create reports. With MarkITplace, we've taken the complexity out of IT management.

In today’s environment it’s not about keeping up. It's about planning ahead and getting ahead by leading with technology. And we’re here to help you do just that.

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You Are One of a Kind

Your technology needs, challenges, and goals are unique. So why choose an IT partner who treats you like everyone else? You deserve a partner who understands you—and technology that celebrates your strengths. Learn why Connection has been trusted for more than 35 years to deliver IT solutions and services that stand apart from the competition. Find out what makes us different—just like you.