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Ruckus Is Redefining Connectivity Around the Globe

Ruckus innovates across wireless and wired technologies to meet industry-specific network requirements, even in the most demanding situations. Ruckus high-performance network infrastructures provide secure, reliable access to applications and services, no matter how tough the environment. When connectivity really matters, Ruckus Networks has you covered.
What Sets Ruckus Apart?
  • Best-in-class RF performance with BeamFlex+, PD-MRC, and ChannelFly.
  • Scalable APs with easy migration to Ruckus ZoneDirector, SmartZone, or a future platform.
  • Controllerless Wi-Fi solution for plug-and-play simplicity.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-deploy, and manage in wired or wireless environments.
Ruckus Is Redefining Connectivity Around the Globe

Wi-Fi Access Points: Indoor and Outdoor

Every Ruckus access point, from the simplest to the boldest, is packed with patented technologies and delivers a level of performance that the competition can’t touch. Outdoor access points deliver the same amazing performance as indoor, but they can be deployed anywhere—in the toughest environments, rain or shine.

Software and SaaS

Security, Analytics, and Location Solutions
Ruckus software and services enables you to extract maximum value from your network while better ensuring its security. Whether you’re looking to predict the next network trouble spot, improve operational efficiency, or securely onboard devices, Ruckus can help you get it done right—while delivering an exceptional experience.

Simple and Secure Onboarding

Hassle-Free Wired and Wireless Network Access
Cloudpath™ Enrollment System streamlines your devices on the network and secures every connection with powerful encryption. Cloudpath software gives you granular policy control over what network resources users can access. It lets you deliver a great end-user experience and virtually eliminates helpdesk tickets related to network access. Choose from cloud-based or virtualized on-premises deployment. Cloudpath software supports any user, any device, and any network infrastructure.

Elevate the Student Experience with Ruckus Smart Campus Solutions

Around the globe, college and university IT departments trust Ruckus to help them deliver lightning-fast, reliable wireless and wired connectivity. All Ruckus solutions use open APIs, allowing you to easily integrate with devices, applications, and management solutions from multiple vendors—or even solutions created on your own campus. And they’re backed by industry-leading partners that deliver ready-to-deploy solutions for advanced analytics, smart lighting, video surveillance, building automation, and many other smart campus use cases.

System Management and Control

With Cloud Wi-Fi, you get easy management with nothing to deploy. And your users get a consistently great Wi-Fi experience, wherever they are—quickly, reliably, and securely. With SmartZone, you deploy a single network element to control and manage both wired and wireless networks. Then, you can scale up to 450K clients with a redundant cluster. Ruckus Unleashed controller-less Wi-Fi for smaller deployments is extremely easy to deploy and use. Additionally, it is feature- and performance-packed without license costs.

FREE Demo: Management Simplicity Awaits

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