The Power of Many

Plantronics and Polycom are now Poly, the global communications company that powers human connection and collaboration. Their comprehensive set of smart endpoints for unified collaboration spans personal and group communication systems, with a full range of headsets, desk and conference phones, and video collaboration solutions. Poly’s cloud software and services provide advanced management, analytics, and insights that drive first-rate business decisions. Poly offers a portfolio of UC products, software, and services to enable communication and collaboration in a modern world:

Creating Calm in the Chaos

From the train to the open office—and every space in between—Poly makes connections more productive. Turn even the noisiest of spaces into sanctuaries for concentration. Deliver boardroom-quality conferencing in huddle room spaces and make larger rooms feel more inclusive.

Bridging the Gap Between Platforms

Do you operate across multiple conferencing ecosystems? Join your meeting with one click and concentrate on ideas in the air—not devices in the room.

Bringing Productivity to Where You Are

As the lines between home and the office blur, Poly makes it easier to hear, share, and see wherever, whenever.

Poly and Microsoft

Poly Teams Up with Microsoft to Create Ideal Remote Collaboration Solutions

TechSperience Podcast

Poly and Microsoft Teams Collaborate to Keep Your Team Operational

Like it, love it, hate it—remote work may be here to stay. Businesses have now realized the cost benefits of a decentralized office. As we regain the ability to return to our formally familiar surroundings, we’re left wondering what the new normal will look like. Will there be a mass adoption of a hybrid workspace, or will we all ease back into a 9–5 office? Join us for a look into the future, and hear how Poly and Microsoft Teams can help you increase the agility and availability of your employees at home, in the office, and beyond.
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Connected Blog

Three Important Lessons from a Remote-first Work World

In our remote-first work culture, we’ve largely had to replace in-person meetings with video calls. They can be an imperfect substitute for real face-to-face time, but our expert has three lessons he’s learned that can make using remote collaboration technology more effective and productive.

TechSperience Podcast

Get More Out of Microsoft Teams with Poly Collaboration

Discover how Connection can help you deliver the richest and most complete Teams experience with Poly solutions for Microsoft.
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Sometimes It Takes Two

Plantronics and Polycom are now Poly, the global communications company that powers human connection and collaboration. Connection caught up with Glen Bevcar, National Channel Account Manager at Poly, during the Miami Technology Summit and spoke with him about the recent merger. Listen to this podcast and discover how two great companies came together to form an entity that provides best-in-class collaboration solutions for businesses like yours.

Dial Up Your Focus

So much of the way we communicate lies in what’s not being said. Poly makes it possible to share your thoughts like you’re there—from anywhere. Ready to get your ideas across loud and clear—or just want to learn more? Fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch to help you design a modern collaboration solution that makes meetings more productive than ever.