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The Standard for Apple Management

Jamf is focused on helping organizations succeed with Apple. Their products help organizations set up new devices with ease, manage application distribution and settings, and protect devices and company information. Jamf offers a solution to fit every organization’s needs. Jamf Pro is an enterprise-grade Apple device management solution designed for IT professionals. Jamf Now is an on-demand Apple device management product with an intuitive design that doesn’t require IT experience. Learn how Jamf can help you manage your organization's Apple devices as an ecosystem.
Jamf: Managing Your Apple Devices as an Ecosystem

Empower Providers, Patients, and Loved Ones with Telehealth

In the wake of a global pandemic, healthcare delivery has changed. With Virtual Visits powered by Jamf, healthcare organizations can configure and deploy third-party conferencing platforms, so providers can make virtual rounds and patients can stay connected.
Find out how Jamf and Connection can help with your healthcare needs.

How to Implement an Employee Choice Program

To stay competitive, it is important that companies offer their employees the best tools for their job. Businesses are offering choice to every employee because new talent prefers to use what they know and love. Read Jamf’s white paper to learn what you can lose if you don’t offer your employees a choice.
How to Implement an Employee Choice Program

Be at the Front of the Retail Revolution

Mobile technology helps you transform your business—unifying online and offline sales channels, coordinating with staff and suppliers, and bringing insight to each customer interaction. The challenge is how to manage the mobile devices, apps, and configurations that make it all work.
In this episode of ConnectionPoint, we explore how to deliver a better buying experience for customers and employees with streamlined device deployment.

Get More Out of Your Apple Devices

Choose the right Jamf solution to streamline the management of your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices. From setup to security, one management solution provides the MDM capabilities your growing environment needs.

Managing Apple Devices as a Healthcare Ecosystem

Using Jamf Pro to manage iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs allows providers to deliver faster, more personalized care while simultaneously improving communications within their care teams, and ensuring that patient information is secure. With Apple devices, patients can see their medical records, close the blinds, call a nurse, and play their favorite games—all without leaving their bed. Ensure patient information is secure while meeting all regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, via device restrictions, enforcement of security policies, and automatic remote wiping between patients.

Jamf Now for Teams and Small Businesses

Jamf Now is the easiest way to perform small business MDM tasks on the Apple devices within your organization. Immediately manage devices without needing to obtain software training or documentation. Leverage Jamf Now to easily deploy settings and apps for groups of devices—in minutes and all from one place.

Jamf Now is a simple, intuitive way for anyone to set up, manage, and protect Apple devices, anytime from anywhere.

Jamf Pro for IT Professionals

Whether you’ve used Apple for years and have 10,000 in your organization, or you are just beginning to integrate Apple devices into your business, Jamf and Jamf Pro make management simple, secure, and cost effective. IT gains peace of mind and users get the experience they want.

MDM 101 For Business

As iPad and iPhone usage continues to grow in enterprises around the world, are you grappling with how to deploy, inventory, and secure iOS devices in your environment? In this e-book, you’ll learn how to manage iPad and iPhone, but also how to leverage these devices for more than just communication. Get the answers you need to get more out of the most trusted platform for IT and business professionals.

Total Cost of Ownership: Mac vs PC

Apple devices have risen in popularity over the last few years and have become mainstream in business. The initial hardware expense continues to be a common theme heard from IT departments. However, when all things are considered—basic services, software, management, and support, the total cost of ownership favors Mac over PCs. This may come as a surprise to many, but the numbers don’t lie. It’s easy to see why many organizations are now offering Macs by choice.

Everything Mac in One Place

Discover everything Mac and more—all in one convenient location. As an Apple Authorized Reseller, Connection can help transform your business with Apple products, accessories, services, and more.
Everything Mac in One Place

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