Intel Products Showcase

Lightning Responsiveness

Intel powers many of the devices you use today—from desktops and laptops to tablets and watches. Intel is also driving innovation with its leading-edge technologies that power autonomous driving vehicles, commercial drones, and the Internet of Things. Building a better world is Intel’s goal, and they’re constantly exploring innovative ways to apply technology to address global challenges.

Intel Core Processors

With new 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, your PCs will meet everyday demands quickly and seamlessly. Enjoy wake-up times as low as 0.5 seconds with Windows, Modern Standby and Intel® Ready Mode Technology (Intel® RMT), and rapidly switch between applications and Web pages with Intel® Speed Shift Technology.

Simple and Robust Security Protection

Traditional security solutions use software to protect your passwords, leaving your computer open to potential vulnerabilities. 7th Generation Intel® Core™ systems provide peace of mind by encrypting and storing your passwords and payment information in the hardware, accessible only with a master password or biometric credential like a fingerprint.
Intel 7th Gen Core i3, i5, and i7 Processors

Boost Collaboration with Intel Pro WiDi

Connecting computers to HD displays creates a highly collaborative environment that streamlines, simplifies, and accelerates communications. However, consumer wireless display (WiDi) technologies are not compatible with complex wireless networks or stringent data security and manageability edicts. Intel Pro WiDi enables you to take advantage of WiDi, with all the benefits of wirelessly connecting projectors and displays, plus the security, flexibility, and configuration capabilities that IT requires.
Intel WiDI Wireless Display

See Our Full Line of Intel-Powered Computers

Intel Chromebooks
Chromebooks with the latest Intel processors deliver a smooth and affordable Web browsing experience and a battery life that keeps going strong. No matter your requirements, Intel Chromebooks are a great computing option.
Intel Convertible Notebooks
Convertible notebooks equipped with Intel processors offer the benefits of both a powerful touchscreen laptop and an ultra-thin tablet that’s capable of multiple modes like tent or presentation. With a range of smart, stylish designs and screen sizes, there’s an Intel-powered convertible notebook that fits your needs.
Intel Desktops
From pocket-sized devices to high-performance towers, Intel-powered desktops come in a range of packages for every need. The latest desktops empower flexible collaboration, security, and speed, while also providing the latest management and support tools.
Intel Laptops
Get performance, portability, and all-new experiences with Intel processor-based laptops. Equipped with unprecedented power and responsiveness, you’ll be able to take your productivity and creativity to the next level. Protect your data with hardware-enhanced security, while delivering the high performance your mobile employees demand.
Intel Tablets
A powerful Intel processor gives the performance, speed, and agility needed to take tablets further. Enhance mobility with Intel processor-based tablets that offer the compatibility to fit easily with your existing system.
Intel Workstations
Selecting a workstation that’s up to your demands is a smart investment. Power users depend on their workstations more than any other single tool to support their efforts. A sufficiently powerful system is essential to maximize productivity and to help avoid frustrating delays and work disruptions.