Digitalize with Confidence

Fujitsu is ready to support your organization’s end-to-end digital transformation journey—from workplace to data center. If you’re going to digitalize correctly, you need Fujitsu.
And in the age of Industry 4.0, Fujitsu offers manufacturers an accelerated and innovative path to tangible and validated business value with their proven Digital Disruption methodology.
Digitize with Confidence

Fujitsu Notebooks and Tablet PCs

Professional Fujitsu devices, combined with the new versatile Windows 10 Pro operating system, enable you to be more productive and simplify your management and deployment. Award-winning Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks offer everything you need to succeed.
Fujitsu Clients

Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY

Fujitsu offers the right server for the right workload at the right cost—business proven quality for continuous operation with almost no unplanned downtimes. Fujitsu servers provide more agility in daily operations to quickly turn IT into a business advantage. The highest efficiency helps accelerate IT workloads and seamlessly integrate into mixed environments.
Fujitsu Servers

Fujitsu Data Center Solutions

New digital technology is at the heart of business and society. But digital is not a singular technology. Instead, it’s a set of connected technologies like cloud, mobile, Internet of Things analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and supporting security. Ultimately, digital technology can radically transform how the world works. Fujitsu offers a fantastic blend of systems, solutions, and expertise to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.
Fujitsu Datacenter Solutions