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Banking & Finance Technology

Helping Improve Efficiency, Information Sharing, and Security.

Enable your Digital Transformation with advanced technology, valuable services, and expert guidance that fits your retail environment.

IT Solutions Unique to Your Needs

As a member of the fast-moving financial services industry, you manage through an uncertain economy, increasing regulation, mergers, acquisitions and increasing data-all within a highly competitive environment. If these factors keep you awake at night, let us help you. Get started today: Contact your Account Executive at 1.800.369.1047.

Risk Management & Compliance

Due in part to the unprecedented impacts of a natural disaster, cyber crime and terrorist threats to our economic infrastructure, today's financial institutions are under increasing regulatory pressure to ensure the security and recoverability of data and mission critical systems. Institutions are also experiencing greater scrutiny in demonstrating effective business continuity plans.

Security and resilience are only part of the regulatory equation as the Financial Crisis has pushed lawmakers to focus heavily on data analysis, archiving and retrieval capabilities in support of exposure reporting, eDiscovery and Fraud Detection. To prove compliance with these regulations, financial institutions need to effectively acquire, store, analyze, archive and retrieve far more data than in the past—all while keeping it secure and available.

• Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
• Data Protection & End Point Security
• Network Monitoring & Security
• Big Data Management, Archiving & eDiscovery

Mobility & Online Services

Harnessing the power of notebooks, tablets, and smartphones has become a major priority for organizations eager to gain increased productivity and performance. Still, giving your users the ability to work anywhere presents a challenge when it comes to creating a secure, manageable environment. Not only does your IT staff need to worry about the physical security of portables, they also need to defend against data loss over public, unsecured wireless networks.

Added to the internal risks, customers expect to make transactions anytime, anywhere via multiple channels: branch, online, phone, ATMs and mobile devices. Today's successful financial institutions must deliver these products and services in an 'always open' and 'always secure' environment to attract and retain an increasingly sophisticated consumer.

• Mobile Device Management
• Online Channel Availability & Security
• Mobile Banking Optimization

Customer Centric Banking

Online banking, location data, social media and smart devices are adding new data to already massive and growing data volumes. Big Data solutions help financial institutions mine this data for new opportunities, uncover risk and hone their competitive edge.

Acquiring, managing and optimizing this data is one of the most difficult tasks for financial institutions. Using this newly acquired insight to communicate effectively with the customer requires embracing new technologies for channel enhancement both inside and away from the branch.

• Digital Signage for the Branch
• Customer Information Analytics
• Data Acquisition, Optimization & Warehousing

Operational Efficiency

Today's financial institutions must operate in a highly volatile economic climate, while dealing with more regulations, thinner margins, increasing business change, more tech-savvy customers and a highly competitive market. These challenges demand flexible and efficient IT operations that address key business metrics focused on driving efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality and availability of services. Data center optimization strategies help to consolidate and simplify IT operations, so that financial institutions can better compete in the marketplace.

• Converged Infrastructure for Private Cloud
• Server Optimization & Virtualization
• Infrastructure Monitoring & Management
• Application Acceleration
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
• Storage Management & Virtualization

Featured Services and Solutions

Risk and Compliance Solutions

• Design and implement compliant DR infrastructure and BC processes.
• Meet data retention compliance requirements and audit reporting.
• Streamline backup and recovery operations.
• Protect against data loss and network intrusion.
• Automate data archiving and document management for eDiscovery.
• Reduce the impact of downtime due to planned and unplanned outages.

Mobile and Online Solutions

• Assess your business and network to help you make intelligent, informed decisions about your mobility strategy.
• Conduct a Wireless Site Survey to design an efficient wireless infrastructure.
• Assess your environment for availability and security of online and mobile services.
• Evaluate and configure hardware, software, and technical support solutions.
• Incorporate mobile technologies for an "always open" environment.

Customer Centric Solutions

• Assess, Design and Implement all aspects of your Branch Transformation efforts.
• Identify opportunities to better manage and utilize data across your business units.
• Drive consistency of experience across channels through effective data management.
• Improve cross-sell and up-sell with greater customer insight.

Operational Efficiency Solutions

• Virtualize and manage fewer systems, while off-loading more intensive operations to control expenses.
• Choose a converged solution, from remote and branch offices to the corporate data center, that's optimized for high-performance workloads.
• Enhance IT service efficiency through automation and orchestration.
• Simplify management of IT assets from the branch to the data center.
• Reduce cost of storing and managing vast quantities of data.