Topaz SigLite LCD Signature Capture Device with HID Interactive USB Interface

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  • T-L460-HSB-R
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LCD touchpad for electronic signature capture, interactive text and graphics.
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The Topaz SigLite series of electronic signature capture tablets are designed to provide the benefits of electronic signatures in a controlled environment where cost is a significant issue. The SigLite LCD is an LCD version of the simplified no-frills SigLite pad that retains the high resolution, accuracy, and data rate of the SignatureGem series of tablets but with a lower-cost touchpad interface. The LCD display shows "electronic ink" under the pen tip as the user signs and can be used to display interactive text and graphics where users can read agreements and check preferred options. SigLite LCD boasts the additional value of Topaz's powerful bundled software tools and support, including ActiveX, Java, Wintab drivers, and MS Office and Adobe Acrobat plugins for the capture, encryption, formatting, and secure processing of signatures. Topaz SigPlus software is compliant with eSign, state and federal digital signature regulations by virtue of its ability to bind and encrypt the signature to a document or electronic form data. Examples and software plug-ins are bundled with the tablet.