Deal of the Week: 14" HP ZBook, Now $969 (Save $300) 4-to-1 HDMI 1.3 Switch

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Avoid the frustrations of having to swap out video devices because your display doesn't have enough HDMI inputs!
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With the 4-to-1 (four input, one output) HDMI 1.3 Switch, you can connect up to four devices w/ HDMI output (e.g. High Definition DVD players, Blu-Ray players, Satellite Receivers, and Video Game Consoles) to a single HDMI input, eliminating the need to manually exchange cables.

With the added convenience of the included remote control, switching HDMI sources becomes as easy as the push of a button. The HDMI 1.3 Switch also offers a signal enhancement feature that can be used with longer cable connections, boosting the HDMI signal for optimized quality.