SAP Corp. SAP Crystal Server 2011 Linux 5 NUL License

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Explore, manage, and share critical business information
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  • Robust data exploration, reporting
  • Dashboard management functionality
  • Data-driven publishing
Give your decision makers timely access to personalized, easy-to-understand business information, simply and affordably. SAP Crystal Server software is an entry-level business intelligence (BI) solution that enables deeper insights to business information and positions your organization for greater competitive advantage.

With robust data exploration, reporting, and dashboard management functionality, SAP Crystal Server helps business users at all levels make more informed decisions. SAP Crystal Server combines the flexibility of SAP Crystal Reports software, the richness of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, and the power of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software - giving you flexible and intuitive access to business data, all in one entry-level BI solution.

Note: SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software must be purchased separately. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design viewing and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer are available with NUL licenses only. SAP Crystal Server add-on for mobile solutions is available for purchase separately. Maintenance, including technical support, is available for purchase separately from licenses.