Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows 1 User (Includes 1yr Premier Support)

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Rich video collaboration for the individual user
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  • Meet the needs of collaboration in new work environments such as cube, open-workspace, home, or on the go
  • Automatically compensates for poor lighting and background noise
  • Record video sessions right from your computer to the Polycom platform for later viewing
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RealPresence Desktop for Windows frees business professionals from the traditional boundaries of the conference room, allowing them to enjoy video collaboration from their personal computers. Now you can meet and collaborate face-to-face with anyone from anywhere - improving teamwork, collaborative decision-making, and productivity with colleagues, customers and business partners.

Polycom's enterprise-class HD video software solution delivers the required app management, interoperability, scalability, resiliency, security, multi-point and lifelike quality that users and IT managers demand.

Polycom RealPresence Desktop leverages standards-based protocols that have been deployed on more than two million video-enabled rooms, desktops, mobile devices and immersive telepresence systems. No other desktop solution offers wider and deeper interoperability.