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Lexmark IPDS Card for MS812, MS811 & MS810 Series Printers

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The IPDS Card for the MS812, MS811 and MS810 Series Printers allows you to print either host-based or client-based output. With this IPDS option, use your printer for both network printing and for IBM iSeries (AS/400) or IBM zSeries computer jobs. Print bar codes, forms, publications and graphics closer to your end users giving you the associated cost and time savings from true distributed printing. So now you can direct your AFP/IPDS output using the TCP/IP protocol.

This card supports Function Set 45 (FS 45) for full colour printing as well as Color Management Object Content Architecture (CMOCA) resource support for colour printing. Colour documents are transformed into black and shades of gray based on the Color Mode setting.

Locate your printer wherever you need it to maximise its productivity. With Lexmark's SmartSwitch auto-emulation sensing built into every Lexmark laser printer, your printer will automatically switch to the proper document language, whether it is IPDS, PostScript or PCL. Configure IPDS configuration settings using the MarkNet print server's resident web server, a browser and the printer's IP address.