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HP 1TB SATA 6Gb s 7.2K RPM (NCQ Smart IV) 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

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  • HP Inc.
  • 15998230
  • QK555AT
  • In Stock
  • Ships in 48 Hours
Ordering Information
  • Features SMART and Drive Self Test hard drive technology
  • Thinner and smaller serial cables and connectors
  • Improved protocol for enhanced data integrity
  • Serial ATA 7-pin (F) connector
  • 11ms Average seek time
  • Up to 7200rpm performance
  • Spindle speed is 7200rpm
  • Buffer size is 32MB cache
  • Warranty: 1 Year
HP Serial ATA Hard Drives maximize the performance of HP Business PCs by providing the technologies to meet your increasing storage demands with high-capacity drives offering superior reliability and performance. HP Serial ATA 6.0-Gb/s Hard Drives offer data transfer rates of up to 6 Gb per second doubling your interface speed over previous SATA storage.

Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) hard drive technology is allows hard drives to monitor their own health and to raise flags if imminent failures are predicted. If the drive determines that a failure is imminent, the SMART hard drive technology enables the intelligent manageability or management software to generate a fault alert. While the current versions of SMART hard drives do a good job monitoring the data on the hard drive media, the ever increasing emphasis on reliability and quality has promoted HP to implement SMART IV technology which constantly checks that the data flow from host interface to media and media to host interface is not compromised. This is accomplished by inserting a 2 byte parity code into every 512 byte block in the data path of the hard drive's Cache RAM. This unique parity checking performed by HP's SMART IV technology hard drives, allows for more complete error detection coverage encompassing the entire data path between the host and the hard drive.
Smart IV is also known as IOEDC: I/O Error Detection Code.

NCQ or Native Command Queuing, is a SATA protocol extension that allows the hard drive to have several write or read commands outstanding at the same time. In contrast, normal non-queued operation requires each command to be completed before the next command is issued by the host system. Queuing allows the drive to complete the commands in the order that allows for best overall throughput. It also involves an advanced method of transferring data to or from the host, called First Party Direct Memory Access (FPDMA), that allows the hard drive and the host controller to manage the data transfers for multiple outstanding commands, without involving the host processor. NCQ can contribute to better performance but the results are dependent on many factors, including the access patterns of the various applications and operating system functions that are initiating drive accesses. Enabling NCQ features in the hard drive requires AHCI support from the host system BIOS, controller, and driver. AHCI support is typically implemented in RAID configurations.