Fujitsu 1-Year Basic Next Business Day On-site Service for fi-6770

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The Basic service program provides on-site service with a cleaning event for Fujitsu scanner customers. Basic, In-Warranty service plans upgrade the Standard Limited Warranty to 12-months of on-site service.

On-site repair service includes spare parts, labor and travel for veri?ed hardware failures. Select Next Business Day (NBD), 4-hour or 24/7 Response time (contract prices vary) Service is available across the United States, except certain Hawaiian Islands and areas of Alaska. On-site service is performed by a Fujitsu Authorized Field Service Engineer (FAFSE), either a Fujitsu employee or professionally trained Authorized Service Provider. Service will be provided between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) or 24 hours a day, seven days a week (excluding holidays) if you purchase a 24x7 plan. On-site service outside the hours speci?ed above may be available for rates and terms then in effect. Outside of PM events, on-site visits do not include preventative maintenance, maintenance training, consumables and cleaning materials, troubleshooting of software con?guration, applications or set-up.

Each year of Basic service comes with a single cleaning event performed by a Fujitsu Authorized Field Service Engineer (FAFSE) or a professionally trained Authorized Service Provider. A FAFSE schedules an on-site visit to thoroughly clean the scanner (replacement consumables not included). This service will be provided during normal business hours at a time to be mutually agreed upon between the FAFSE and Customer within 2 weeks of initiation.

In the event of a hardware failure, Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will assist the Customer in resolving the problem over the telephone. Customer must provide TAC with the product model number, part number, serial number and a description of the problem. Customer may be asked to run some simple, self-diagnostic tests and report the resulting status and error code messages. This will assist TAC in determining if the problem is the scanner or another component of Customer’s system and if the problem can be resolved over the telephone. After TAC veri?es a hardware problem, a service call will be initiated. A service technician will be dispatched to the product location to perform repair service if there are no security, safety or physical requirements that would restrict the service technician’s access to the product.