Adobe Corp. EA 2.0 Acrobat Windows M&S EA Program 1 Year Renewal 50-999 at 100% Coverage Users 70 Points

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Get the most out of your Adobe investment
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Enterprise Maintenance and Support for EA 2 is designed to provide you with the latest Adobe technology along with support coverage to help you get the most out of your product investment. The Maintenance component provides automatic software version updates, allowing you to leverage the latest Adobe technology across your organization. The Support component is the Enterprise Support Program, which provides comprehensive 24x7 technical and usage support coverage through multiple channels and indispensable expertise to help you meet your business objectives with Adobe products.

Deploy software faster and more reliably:
Adobe Support Experts give you tips and best practices on how to install, configure, and customize Adobe solutions based on your requirements, along with insights on best practices on security and integration with other software.

Mitigate risks and minimize downtime:
Resolve technical issues as quickly as they arise with access to 24x7 responsive support coverage from Adobe experts. No matter how complex your requirements, the help you need is only a phone call or a few clicks away.

Maximize adoption and productivity:
The Support service facilitates product onboarding sessions and offers how-to support coverage to help you drive user adoption and accelerate your team's productivity.

Receive automatic software upgrades:
Get immediate access to all product upgrades so you are always using the latest Adobe technology without straining your software budget or administrative resources.