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Check Point Software SmartEvent, SmartReporter and Compliance Subscription License 25 Gateways Smart & Open Server 1 Year

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SmartEvent provides centralized, real-time event correlation of log data from Check Point perimeter, internal, and Web Security Gateways-as well as third-party security devices-automatically prioritizing security events for decisive, intelligent action. By automating the aggregation and correlation of raw log data, SmartEvent not only minimizes the amount of data that needs to be reviewed but also isolates and prioritizes the real security threats. These threats may not have been otherwise detected when viewed in isolation per device, but pattern anomalies appear when data is correlated over time. With SmartEvent, security teams no longer need to comb through the massive amount of data generated by the devices in their environment. Instead, they can focus on deploying resources on the threats that pose the greatest risk to their business.

SmartReporter delivers a user-friendly solution for monitoring and auditing traffic. You can generate detailed or summarized reports in the format of your choice (list, vertical bar, pie chart etc.) for all events logged by Check Point Security Gateway, SecureClient and IPS. SmartReporter implements a Consolidation Policy, which goes over your original, "raw" log file. It compresses similar logs into events and writes the compressed list of events into a relational database (the SmartReporter Database). This database enables quick and efficient generation of a wide range of reports. The SmartReporter solution provides a balance between keeping the smallest report database possible and retaining the most vital information with the most flexibility.

The Check Point Compliance Software Blade monitors your management, Software Blades and security gateways to constantly validate that your Check Point environment is configured in the best way possible. The Check Point Compliance Software Blade provides 24/7 security monitoring, security alerts on policy violations, and out-of-the-box audit reports.