SQL Licensing


We Can Help You Transition Your SQL Licensing

There were many licensing changes with the release of SQL 2012, which could still have a lingering impact on your organization. For those who purchased an existing license agreement, there were no immediate issues. However, for those agreements about to expire, organizations face a complex transition. As a result, many customers choose to move to Microsoft’s Enterprise Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP). The EAP was released in 2012 and offers substantial discounts for an enterprise-wide, 3-year commitment for products including SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk Server, and Visual Studio with MSDN. Most organizations choose an EAP solely because of the SQL discounts.

This document will focus on SQL migration and how these licensing changes could affect you. There are many options available. Our experts have outlined the key issues to help you determine which the best fit for your organization is. These options include moving licenses to an EA or other agreement type, such as an Open or Select Agreement. Yet another option is moving to one of the new licensing programs— Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) or a Server Cloud Enrollment (SCE), which is the replacement for EAP. This paper will focus on SCE, because it is the closest fit for most scenarios.