IT Staffing Services Vice President

IT Staffing Services Vice President - IT Staffing

Lila Nelms, Vice President of IT Staffing Services

Technology means change, and competition for highly qualified technology staff in today’s market is intense. As a trendsetter in the industry, our IT staffing expertise continues to grow and flourish on a nationwide scale by attracting and maintaining individuals who grow with us.

Any organization’s success depends upon the people they hire. For  IT departments, that becomes more and more of a critical success factor to drive business objectives and priorities. Managers are taxed with trying to fulfill IT technology needs and demands. The growing workload along with advanced technology knowledge is exceedingly difficult to manage without capable and experienced personnel. Your HR department can’t always source high-end IT personnel when they aren’t in the thick of IT on a daily basis. It makes more sense to have a strong IT Staffing partner on hand. We can help you find the super-star talent you need to fulfill your strategic goals.

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