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Futureproof Your Data Center - Data Center

The Time Is Now: Future Proof Your Data Center

The landscape of IT infrastructure is changing drastically, and companies need to be more mobile and adaptive than ever in order to stay relevant. Cisco is continuing their forward thinking technological innovations with the Nexus 9000 data center switching line.

Cisco’s Nexus 9000 data center switching line is equipped with high performance and port density, providing a foundation for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. Cisco ACI delivers a software defined data center, empowering organizations to accelerate application deployment while dramatically reducing costs through policy-enabled workflow automation.

Mark Leven, Partner Development Manager for Cisco Data Center, sat down with us to discuss how the Nexus 9000 switching line and Application Centric Infrastructure enable rapid agility in any environment. Listen to the discussion and start your journey towards the data center of the future.


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