Data Center Expansion Made Painless


AddThis Data Center Capacity Expansion

With 140 employees spread out across the U.S. and two main data centers on each coast, AddThis runs approximately 1,500 total servers. Andy Tomasello, Director of Operations for AddThis, called Connection right away when his team began planning the coming year’s infrastructure expansion. Previously, Connection had helped them deploy a number of servers, and the partnership has only grown stronger from there. “Connection is a huge partner for us,” Tomasello said. “We work with them almost daily, [and] we trust them quite a lot. So our first call was to Connection to… get the ball rolling.” After Tomasello outlined a specific set of needs for the infrastructure expansion, the Connection team went to work by first performing an in-depth assessment of the current environment. They then took the analysis from that assessment and searched the market to put together a range of products and solutions that would meet the company’s needs—which were rather unusual in the midst of today’s virtualized servers trend. Read the case study to learn how AddThis and Connection worked together to successfully expand the company’s data center and learn what’s next – refreshing a storage node in each of the data centers.