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Retail was the industry sector most heavily exposed to phishing attacks in 2015
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Keep Your Assets Secure Today and Tomorrow

Your organization is likely more connected now than ever before. The Internet of Things means you can use nearly any device, anywhere to procure and send information—from and to your customers, among your team members, and to a branch location across the country. While this creates an opportunity for better business insights and an improved customer experience, it also presents more areas for a security breach. Since nearly everything is now connected to the Internet or some type of network, it is imperative that you ensure these entry points are secure.

Know Your Risk

In the past, security breaches were comprised of phishing attacks, email attachments, and denial of service. Today, hacking behaves like an industry, and these corrupt organizations are increasing in sophistication. Hackers are constantly innovating and inventing new ways to hack every day. As they discover new ways to infiltrate networks, security experts discover new ways to block. This cycle continually evolves, as hackers raise the stakes. The sheer lack of qualified security resources makes the cycle even more difficult to break.

To further complicate matters, retailers must also comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information can maintain a secure environment. These standards are constantly changing, however, and retailers are challenged to keep up.

All these challenges make securing retail environments a monumental task. Security has never been more of a priority in the retail industry or as difficult to ensure. The consequences of a breach are incredibly significant. Retail security breaches, very visible in the media, have caused a lack of public confidence in brands, as well as declining revenues. CEOs and CIOs have not only lost their jobs over these breaches, but have even been called before Congress to testify.

A Trusted Implementation Partner

Threats will breach your perimeter. Be prepared to "Protect, Detect, and React." Our experts understand modern retail security and can provide expertise across three pillars of security to help you protect your organization, detect sophisticated threats, and react effectively. Our experts can:

  • Mitigate risk for your organization
  • Provide a cohesive, interdependent approach to information security
  • Perform industry-leading assessments, analysis, technology planning, and integration

Today, every retailer needs a trusted partner, like Connection, to help address the entire threat lifecycle and ensure you have the policies and controls in place to keep your organization secure.

Industry Expertise Makes the Difference

Our security solutions are best-in-class. Our understanding of this technology is deep. While we remain agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across many leading technologies. We leverage technologies from leading vendors in security—including AirWatch by VMware, Aruba, BeyondTrust, Check Point, Cisco ISE, Cisco/Sourcefire, Dell Software, Fortinet, Imprivata, Intel Security, LogRhythm, MobileIron, Ping Identity, RSA, SecureAuth, Solarwinds, Sophos, Splunk, Symantec, and Trend Micro—to design best-in-class solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Professional Services

We can help you understand today’s real-world threats and how they could affect your organization. From Security Assessments and Penetration Testing Services to Managed Security Services—we’ll look at the tools required to develop a complete understanding of your risk level, prioritize threats, and balance your business needs against your security requirements.

Our experts will help you identify and document all policies and controls. We address your most critical security needs, stringent compliance requirements, and complex technology challenges—with a deep understanding of your unique environment, needs, and goals.

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