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48% of respondents prefer using mobile POS.

Retail Point of Sale (POS)

The Path to Seamless Communication and Surpassing the Competition

Whether you are in the retail, hospitality, or restaurant business, it’s critical to meet and exceed your customers' expectations. They want efficiency, speed, and seamless interactions—even better if you can personalize it based on their current and past interests and purchases.

Customer expectations are continuing to evolve and your POS system must evolve as well. To do so, you need to incorporate solutions that provide convenience, flexibility, performance, and agility while meeting the requirements of your business environment and goals.

The Advantages of the Right POS Solutions

POS systems—both mobile and traditional—are critical to support the flow and productivity of your business and keep you competitive. Both solutions offer tools that equip you with the ability to elevate your customer engagement while providing the needed data to support your business. This all helps to elevate your brand, recognition, and satisfaction with customers.

Mobile POS vs. Traditional POS

With a mobile POS, you can maximize opportunities with customers, save time, and speed up the check-out process. These systems offer a great deal of flexibility for your environment and workflows. Many retail organizations will have a combination of these systems, while others just need a mobile POS system. What you need will depend on many factors, including customer expectation, size of your business, and other strategic goals.

Traditional POS provides the tools to manage and assess large amounts of data, handle cash transactions, and can offer larger screens for comfort and stability. Traditional POS also provides customers and employees with a more dependable solution, as it does not rely on an Internet connection to work.

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Why Connection?

Whether you are looking for traditional POS solutions, a mobile POS solution—or a combination—Connection can help. Our qualified experts will work with you to create a flexible POS solution and infrastructure to meet all of your needs and excel against the competition. We will align with you as an extension of your team to provide professional guidance and access to various partner solutions. We can also assess, design, and implement the right POS solutions to support your business today and in the future.

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