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8 in 10 smartphone owners use their phone when shopping in a retail store

Retail Network Solutions

Take Advantage of New Technology

Technology is rapidly transforming the retail industry, and the best way to ensure you can reap the benefits of these changes is to start with a solid networking foundation. From unified communications and VoIP to managing Wi-Fi in stores and outsourcing the network infrastructure itself, you face a host of increasingly urgent networking challenges as you strive to unite “brick and click.”

You must now work to evolve operations to meet the demands of today’s mobile phone-wielding customers, make the most of their physical location and the Internet, and embrace the networking technologies that best fit their operations. The point of entry for your network and in-store technology sets the perception of quality of service delivered to both your employees and customers.

Top Three Areas of Focus for Your Retail Network

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks

Eight in 10 smartphone owners1 use their phone when shopping in a retail store, usually to gather more information. You can provide these customers with a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi experience by switching to a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), which outperforms today.s more common multi-protocol label-switching (MPLS) networks.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) can allow you to collect valuable data about your customers’ shopping behavior and to increase in-store sales.2 IoT technologies let you collect and analyze data about every visitor’s behavior, such as their store traffic patterns or how much time they spend examining a particular item. Armed with this knowledge, you can constantly fine-tune and improve overall business operations.

High-Tech Showrooms

The future of retail just may be high-tech showrooms, where a customer will examine and purchase merchandise in a store location, but the items will be shipped from a warehouse to their home address. This showroom model could account for at least 50% of retail sales by 2025.3

What We Offer

Connection has qualified experts and experience building the right networking solutions for unique environments like retail organizations. Our services address network efficiencies, collaboration requirements, increased speed, and greater productivity. Connection holds premier certifications and authorizations from leading vendors—including Cisco Gold, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum, and Microsoft Gold. In addition, our talented engineers have acquired more than 2500+ professional certifications. These certifications allow us to offer enterprise-class service, access to volume pricing and in-demand products, software licensing programs, and expert technical service and support.

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