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Capture Mobile Shoppers - 80% of online adults use smartphones and 84% take their devices into stores

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Create an Effective Mobile Strategy—and Reap Rewards

Today’s brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting new ways to capitalize on mobile device usage. Even if customers don’t make a smartphone purchase, the browsing they do on their phones often leads to a sale. Nearly 40% of desktop transactions in the fourth quarter of 2015 took place after a customer visited the retailer’s mobile app.2

Whether they’re used for purchases, discounts, or browsing, mobile devices have become an essential part of the retail ecosystem. An effective mobile strategy can be complex to create, as mobile devices bring with them an array of options for connectivity—telecommunications capability, SMS messaging capability, wireless, Bluetooth, email, and more. However, each one of these connectivity options is a vector that an attacker could leverage to breach the security of a mobile device. Organizations need to make sure they are thinking about all of that when building a mobile strategy.

Take the Retail Experience to a New Level

Some retailers use their mobile apps to send customers discount coupon codes if they open the app in its stores, or give customers reward points that can accumulate to provide free in-app purchases. Many allow customers to check into stores through their mobile apps, giving sales clerks access to their purchase history.

Stores can also benefit from giving sales associates tablets, which not only let them see customers’ purchase history, but can check for other sizes or colors if they swipe RFID tags attached to merchandise. Personal shoppers can accompany buyers to different departments and use a tablet to accept credit card payments anywhere.

Partner with a Trusted Team

If you’re ready to take advantage of mobile technology in your retail environments, start with Connection. We can take you through a typical mobile solution design process that includes a number of critical steps to ensure a sound mobile infrastructure. This may include conducting a wireless survey, identifying gaps in service, identifying network vulnerabilities and performance issues, and preparing solutions for remediation. Our team will also assist with device selection, designing device management solutions, designing a device security plan, and provisioning devices for deployment. We can also design and implement a plan for ongoing management of your secure, mobile environment.

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