Veritas Corp. Cluster Server UX 1 Server Hardware Tier F OnPremise Standard Perpetual License

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Please note: if this is a Maintenance-only sku, then it will require proof of purchase from the original license order. The Proof of purchase information that is required to process these orders is the VIP Customer Number or Agreement Number AND the Original Veritas Order Number(s) and Reference Number(s).

The proof of purchase information can be found on the customer’s renewal letter from Veritas. If further assistance is needed please contact the Veritas Renewal team at 866-306-8787 or

GovC: Key as: SO for license and combo skus as well as media. Maintenance only skus need to be keyed on an SD.

PCC: Key through Quote to Order. The license and combo skus as well as the media will process through EDI and the maintenance only skus will be placed on backorder for the buyer to audit and order manually.

Data Capture: You must fill out the Additional Order Information Screen in JDE.

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Returns: Exception basis only. Contact customer service through the Sales Support Desk (x35555).

VERITAS Cluster Server, the industry's leading open systems clustering solution, is ideal for eliminating planned and unplanned downtime, simplifying server consolidation and effectively managing a wide range of applications in multi-platform environments.

Ensuring access to information requires that applications and data meet stringent uptime requirements. As users demand that more services be available electronically, the need to maximize application uptime is skyrocketing. VERITAS Cluster Server supports the widest range of applications in UNIX and Windows clusters. It provides the flexibility to configure policy-based failover scenarios to meet uptime requirements and customer obligations. In addition, automation and intelligent workload management allow cluster administrators to maximize individual resources by moving beyond reactive recovery to proactive availability management.

With support for large clusters in Storage Area Network (SAN) and traditional client/server environments, VERITAS Cluster Server features the flexibility to protect everything from a single database instance to large, multi-application clusters in networked storage environments. Used independently or in conjunction with the complete portfolio of VERITAS software solutions, VERITAS Cluster Server plays a critical role in providing high availability and disaster recovery for today's mixed computing environments.