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HP DesignJet T790 24" PostScript ePrinter w Encrypted Hard Drive

  • HP Inc.
  • 13568560
  • CR648B#BCB
  • In Stock
  • Ships in 24 Hours
Ordering Information
  • Max Res (color) 2400dpi x 1200dpi
  • Max Res (B&W) 2400dpi x 1200dpi
  • Max Speed (color) 445sq ft/hr
  • Connector(s): RJ-45, USB Type B
  • Language(s) CALS G4, HP GL/2, JPEG, PCL 3 GUI, TIFF, PostScript 3, PDF 1.7
  • 640MB installed RAM
  • 640MB max
This PostScript version of the HP Designjet T790 24" ePrinter comes with PostScript 3 and PDF 1.7 language support and an Encrypted Hard Disk.

You’ll love using the HP Designjet T790 24" ePrinter. Its color touchscreen is intuitive. Print preview eliminates error and waste. And because the printer is Web-connected, it’s easier than ever to update. You can print to any HP Designjet printer without installing any
drivers thanks to HP ePrint & Share. This ePrinter’s color touchscreen enables intuitive operation and page
previews and software updates occur automatically, every six months.

With the HP Designjet T790 print high-quality results at fast speeds. Designed together as a system, this ePrinter, Original HP inks, and HP printing materials deliver rich, dark blacks; true neutral grays; vibrant colors; and fine, detailed lines for highly accurate drawings. Also, get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Print up to 2 A1/D-sized prints per minute in Economode and print complex files as easily as simple ones with its 8GB of virtual memory.

Ultra mobile, this printer enhances collaboration. Print
directly from your computer or USB drive without installing drivers and web print directly from the color touchscreen. Alos, share, access, and print files via the Web using HP ePrint & Share. Easily print TIFFs and JPEGs directly from your USB thumb drive and select and print projects using the touchscreen by simply accessing those files via HP ePrint & Share. Also, print remotely to any large-format HP Web-connected Designjet from your computer or mobile device.

Now, you can also confidently protect the data residing on your HP Designjet printer when handling valuable information, all while maintaining throughput and performance, with the HP high-performance self-encrypting drive (SED). This SED ensures your printer data is automatically encrypted every time data is written to the drive. It provides an additional layer of security for all of your printed files and reduces the risk of tampering or unauthorized access to the data. With a SED installed, workgroups can safely store and print their most sensitive data over a secured network.