Epson TMU295P-242 1.0 Station Impact Parallel Slip Printer

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Epson’s ultra-light, ultra-compact TM-U295 slip printer is just the right choice when space is limited!
Ordering Information
  • Max Speed (color) 2.1lines/sec
  • Max Speed (B&W) 2.1lines/sec
  • Connector(s): Centronics 36-pin (F)
  • Language(s) EPSON ESC/POS
  • 35byte(s) installed RAM
  • 512byte(s) max
The TM-U295 is loaded with user-friendly features, such as its easy-to-use touch panel and automatic paper ejection, that make operation simple. The printer features four print sizes and four print directions, and a "page mode" feature that allows printing anywhere on the document. The TM-U295 also has an Auto Status Back (ASB) function that automatically displays printer status, maximizing operator efficiency and productivity. To save even more counter space, pair the TM-U295 with one of Epson’s IntelliTrans transaction terminals. This combination not only offers a much smaller footprint than standard POS systems, but it also lets you choose from a much broader range of business applications. You can leverage your existing investment in the software you currently own. Either way, you’re assured that this printer will work for you today as well as tomorrow.