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Belkin OmniView Secure 2-Port DVI-I KVM with Audio

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The Belkin Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM provides superior security for government agencies that access sensitive data from multiple computers that are connected to different networks. Data breaches are prevented with true data path isolation -- purposefully engineered to provide single, unbuffered, dedicated processors for each KVM peripheral port. Data leaks are eliminated with hardware-controlled unidirectional data flow that allows devices, such as a keyboard or mouse, to communicate in only one direction, keeping them from receiving data from the computer.

The uni-body chassis of the KVM switch is designed to reduce entry points. Serialized holographic FIPS compliant labels provide visual indication and prevention of external tampering, and electronic sensors render the KVM inoperable if the chassis is opened. You can expect the best compatibility out-of-the-gate with a Secure KVM solution that is designed and vigorously tested to work seamlessly with common systems and peripherals used by the defense and intelligence community.