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Windows 10 Deployment and Management

Upgrade Your Infrastructure for Windows 10

When it comes to IT, many organizations like to stick with what works, as long as it’s stable and end-user friendly. But when an operating system is no longer supported by the original vendor, it’s time to upgrade from what’s stable but lagging to what’s current and proven to work. Maybe your organization is considering paying for extended support—but why not upgrade to a more secure and modern operating system instead of paying to support an out‑of‑date OS?

Connection’s Windows 10 Deployment and Management solutions help to ensure you have a solid infrastructure in place prior to the deployment of a new operating system. Done correctly, an OS upgrade can be painless and lead to increased productivity across your organization.
Connection works with you throughout the upgrade process, offering consultations and technical walkthroughs to ensure that all aspects of the upgrade are understood before embarking on any changes. Overall, your IT staff can focus on maintaining critical business services while benefiting from Connection’s experience in preparing your infrastructure to deploy and manage Windows 10.

Connection’s Windows 10 services are designed to help organizations:

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The Right Deployment for You

The Right Deployment for You

Connection understands that the types of Windows 10 implementations that work in the commercial sector aren’t always the best fit for other sectors like government or education. Each Connection Windows 10 Deployment and Management engagement begins with dedicated consulting to help Connection understand your organization’s unique requirements and challenges.

The Infrastructure You Need to Successfully Implement Windows 10

These Windows 10 Deployment and Management Solutions are ideal for organizations with at least 250 devices. Connection serves all commercial organizations as well as organizations in government and education. Like all of Connection’s services, all Windows 10 solutions are customizable to meet customer requirements when appropriate.
The Infrastructure You Need to Successfully Implement Windows 10

Windows 10 Infrastructure Solutions

Windows 10 Deployment

Windows 10 Deployment

Upgrade your devices to a faster, more secure, user-friendly OS. Connection helps organizations transition from Windows 7 (or other Windows operating systems) to Windows 10. This engagement also includes transforming the out-of-the-box version of Windows 10 to a version that meets your specific corporate requirements.
Windows 10 Management

Windows 10 Management

After deployment, your next step is to update your configuration policies. This solution helps organizations upgrade from legacy device management to modern device management. Connection helps you fine-tune your Windows 10 configuration to your organization’s unique needs, including workload balancing and console consolidation.
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