Long-Term and Post Acute Care

Devote Your Time to Providing Exceptional Care

As a member of the long-term and post acute care (LTPAC) community, you know the crucial role that technology can play in ensuring the needs of your residents and clinicians are met. An experienced partner with in-depth healthcare knowledge can help you select affordable technology that securely enables communication and drives efficiencies in accordance with best practices. Our highly trained staff and extensive offering of IT products and services ensures a comprehensive technology solution, so you can focus on what matters—providing exceptional care.
Long-Term and Post Acute Care

Networking Solutions and Services

Connection offers a comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions and services for your LTPAC facility.
Network Assessments
Our Network Assessment identifies equipment that needs to be upgraded and reviews network performance issues such as bottlenecks.
Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
We can help you find the right private and hybrid cloud solutions to manage your LTPAC facility operations more efficiently.
Wireless Site Survey
Our Wireless Site Survey can help get more performance out of your IT dollars and maximize the return on your wireless investment.

Mobility Solutions and Services

Connection offers a comprehensive portfolio of mobility solutions and services for your LTPAC facility.
Clinical Device Assessment
Our 3-step process can help you assess your facility’s current fleet, analyze specific needs and workflows, and stage and execute a clinical device fair. Upon conclusion, we provide all of the information and tools necessary to select and support the right devices for your unique healthcare environment.
Workflow Analysis
We can help you assess your challenges, opportunities, and readiness to implement or improve PoC workflows that use mobile devices.
Mobile Device Readiness
Our team of experts can help you expand the role of mobility in your LTPAC facility. We offer a wide selection of mobile device readiness solutions to help you remain competitive, gain and retain the best employees, and meet expectations for rapid response times.
Mobile Device Management
We can help you ensure your registration process and security policies properly govern devices as they traverse your network. We provide full application delivery and device management policies all the way to user-level restrictions.
Mobile Device Security
Our team can deliver Mobile Content Management solutions to secure document distribution and mobile access through a native mobile app.
Distribution and Configuration Services
Our warehouse and configuration can make deployment a very budget-friendly and simple exercise.

Is Your Security Infrastructure Too Complex and Expensive?

With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, organizations face cyber attacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication every day. Healthcare continues to be the key target of breaches, with 359 incidents involving 500 or more healthcare records reported in 2017—the highest number since the Department of Health and Human Services started publishing figures.* Connection’s Security Landscape Optimization (SLO) process can help you understand and quantify the threats facing your acute care or long-term care organization.
Security Landscape Optimization (SLO) for Acute Care and Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC)
Healthcare Podcasts
With the continuous change of technology and the infiltration of devices in every aspect of our lives—including the expansion into long-term care environments—building a modern network isn’t just about putting infrastructure in place. Times have changed and long-term care residents are more tech savvy than ever before, like those who make decisions on their behalf. Listen to our recent ConnectionPoint podcast and learn how to create a rich and engaging experience in your long-term care environment.