iPhone in Healthcare

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Optimize quality of care and patient experience with Apple iPhone, and improve your organization’s response times with solutions and services from Connection. Whether your requirements are small or large, we can help you develop the right answer best suited for your health IT environment. From iOS devices to Mobile Device Management, we’re your trusted Apple partner. We can assist with all aspects of your Apple mobility strategy—from design to deployment and more.
Listen to our recent episode of ConnectionPoint, where we discuss key findings from a recent survey in collaboration with the CHIME organization. Listen in and find out what your peers are saying about their mobile device strategies, and why Apple iOS devices are being used by a majority of respondents.

We Offer:

Clinical Device Assessment
Our three-step process will guide you through an assessment of your current fleet, analyze your specific needs and workflows, and help you stage and execute a clinical device fair. Upon conclusion, we provide all of the information and tools necessary to select and support the right devices in your unique healthcare environment.
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
MDM ensures that the registration process and security policies properly govern devices as they traverse your network. We provide full application delivery and device management policies all the way to user-level restrictions.
Mobile Readiness Survey
Our team performs a full site survey to map out where the necessary wireless coverage exists, and where upgrade or extension of the network is necessary. We’ll architect a comprehensive solution based on our findings and deliver full implementation.
Mobile Device Security
Our team can deliver Mobile Content Management (MCM) solutions, which allow organizations to secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a native mobile app.
Mobile Deployment Services
Our Technology Integration and Distribution Center make deployment a simple and budget friendly exercise. We offer custom labeling and packaging, asset tagging, kitting, downloading of apps, device enrollment, and much more.
Wireless Network and Design
To achieve the proper wireless network, you need to assess vulnerabilities, implement wireless solutions to meet current needs, and consider expansion and upgrades. We offer wireless site surveys, network assessments, and managed security solutions to help aid you at the point of care.

A Mobility Strategy Made for the Point of Care

Put the right tools in clinicians’ hands with a Clinical Device Assessment (CDA) from Connection. You’ll get the feedback and real-world insights you need to deploy mobile devices that align with the requirements of your users, applications, and workflows. Watch our short video to learn more about the benefits of a CDA service.

Healthcare Survey Results

Mobile technology continues to change at a fast pace. From PoC device advancements to new methods of communication, discovering and evaluating paths to health IT growth is a job on its own. Discover what your peers are doing about their mobile communication and device strategies by reading the results of our recent survey of College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) members.
CHIME Survey Results


Cisco and Apple in Healthcare

The Best Medicine Starts Here
In today's connected world, patients want and expect a healthcare experience that is easy to access and navigate, as well as personalized to meet their needs. Cisco and Apple are combining industry-leading enterprise services and intuitive end-user experiences to greatly improve how doctors, nurses, and patients work together.


Managing Apple Devices as a Healthcare Ecosystem
Using Jamf Pro to manage iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs allows providers to deliver faster, more personalized care while simultaneously improving communications within their care teams, and ensuring that patient information is secure. With Apple devices, patients can see their medical records, close the blinds, call a nurse, and play their favorite games—all without leaving their bed. Ensure patient information is secure while meeting all regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, via device restrictions, enforcement of security policies, and automatic remote wiping between patients.

Stay Productive Wherever Work Happens

Connect, Protect, and Manage Your Devices

Extend your on-premises IT infrastructure, and deliver the mobile experience that today's users demand. We can help you support the end-user computing (EUC) and mobility needs of a workforce increasingly on the go. From Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms and security solutions to custom configuration, imaging, delivery, and more, we offer the resources and expertise to keep your users productive, secure, and on the go.