Healthcare Mobility Solutions from Zebra and Aruba

Healthcare organizations with aged mobility solutions risk collecting key information and providing real-time access to patient vitals, diagnostics, imaging, and more at the point-of-care. Ruggedized Mobile Devices from Zebra help clinicians communicate and collaborate in real-time, increasing patient safety, care, and satisfaction. However, to take advantage of Zebra’s amazing features, you have to determine if your network has the bandwidth to support them.
Aruba is the answer. With Aruba's wired and wireless portfolio, you can be sure you have the right amount of bandwidth and infrastructure to support new Zebra mobility solutions.
Healthcare Mobility Solutions from Zebra and Aruba

Better Support for Clinicians and Experiences for Patients

As hospitals and clinics scramble to meet the growing demand for personalized healthcare, mobile enterprise networks have become the foundation to deliver more meaningful and positive experiences for physicians, nurses, administrators, patients, and visitors.
Better Support for Clinicians and Experiences for Patients

The Future of Healthcare: 2022 Hospital Vision Study

Throughout the healing process, patients may require care from a broad range of medical practitioners—from nurses, physicians, and specialists to technicians, therapists, pharmacists, and more. Communication between them is critical, but remains a problem. In fact, 64% of IT executives think healthcare communications need to be improved. Clinical mobility is the answer. Explore this and other critical healthcare trends along with their impact on quality, costs, and outcomes.
Fast, Secure Communication for Nurses and Staff

Insights and Resources

Reducing Costs and Improving Operational Efficiency

Learn how RFID automates data collection without human intervention, provides continuous process tracking capabilities, and provides near-perfect data accuracy in real time.

Optimize Connectivity. Maximize Bandwidth. Enable Better Collaboration.

With the continuous change of technology and the infiltration of devices in every aspect of our lives—including the expansion into long-term care environments—building a modern network isn’t just about putting infrastructure in place. Times have changed and long-term care residents are more tech savvy than ever before, like those who make decisions on their behalf. Learn how to create a rich and engaging experience in your long-term care environment.